/!\ The Ackermans lab is coming to the University of Alabama in January of 2023 and will be recruiting PhD and Master’s students! Please contact me if you are interested in projects such as woodpecker TBI, headbutting biomechanics, brain pathology, sheep behavior, and more!

I am fascinated by vertebrate morphology, neuroscience, and 3D imaging various aspects of anatomy. My current postdoctoral project focuses on the anatomy and neuroscience of traumatic brain injury in headbutting animals.

My research profile combines evolutionary biology and vertebrate morphology. For my PhD I focused on the evolutionary aspects of diet in relation to vertebrate herbivory. More recently, my postdoc project explores the skull and brain anatomy of combative bovids, in order to better understand their relationship to traumatic brain injury, and how to translate our findings to humans.

​I would be happy to identify that random bone you found in the forest.